Wevis and The Kindest Cut

It can certainly be monotonous, but it’s not for this reason that I would like to find another line of work . . .

Amazing Teenager Publishes Book About Saving Homeless Kitties

Minnesota teenager saves a family of cats then publishes a book about it.

Thrift Store Fairy Garden Birdbaths

Thrift store junkie, flea market fanatic, junkroom gypsy, call me what you like, I’m one of those. It’s inherited, my brother and mother are ones too. So I’ve surrendered myself and combined this love with others to avoid becoming a hoarder. (That runs in the family too.) I also love to

Of Witches and Goddesses

Even as a kid I always knew there was more to Halloween than costumes and candy. Halloween was my favorite holiday, as it seems to be for my children now. As much as I loved it however, I knew there was something we were leaving out. I could smell it

There’s Nothing Like a Good Stick

I love trees. Especially intact trees that have not been cut down. Lumber trucks loaded with freshly cut tree trunks make me cringe. I avoid the use of new lumber, paper, and other tree products as much as possible for this reason. One thing I can get from a tree

Truckers Like Horse Art Too (conclusion)

After having so much fun adding vibrant colors to Valraven, I was a little reluctant to bring it back down to grayscale. I had to do it for the book though, and I couldn’t wait to see which colors other artists might choose for it. It took its place as

Truckers Like Horse Art Too (cont.)

The sketch was originally intended to stand alone and I called it something generic like “Pony in Motion.” Later I grew bored with the plain graphite image. I wanted a more dramatic background, some color, and I wanted to play with acrylics. After some collage work, I mixed up a

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