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There’s Nothing Like a Good Stick

I love trees. Especially intact trees that have not been cut down. Lumber trucks loaded with freshly cut tree trunks make me cringe. I avoid the use of new lumber, paper, and other tree products as much as possible for this reason. One thing I can get from a tree

Truckers Like Horse Art Too (conclusion)

After having so much fun adding vibrant colors to Valraven, I was a little reluctant to bring it back down to grayscale. I had to do it for the book though, and I couldn’t wait to see which colors other artists might choose for it. It took its place as

Truckers Like Horse Art Too (cont.)

The sketch was originally intended to stand alone and I called it something generic like “Pony in Motion.” Later I grew bored with the plain graphite image. I wanted a more dramatic background, some color, and I wanted to play with acrylics. After some collage work, I mixed up a

Truckers Like Horse Art Too

Not long ago while on vacation, I was riding in our van with my sketch pad in my lap. I was working on the horse in Valraven, a mixed media painting. Wearing motion sickness wristbands, trying to convince myself they were working, I scribbled, erased, scribbled, erased. The guys were

There’s A Problem With My English

I know there is a problem with my English because my youngest son is hearing different messages than what I believe to be issuing from my lips. Early this morning, while trying to get out the door to go to work, after directing him to wash his face, brush his

I Rescued A Spider With My Bare Hand Today

Lifelong arachnophobe that I am, my left hand reached down in an unauthorized move and deftly scooped the creature from the churning waters, then unceremoniously dumped her on the floor while the rest of my body fainted. I had been running water for a shower, waiting for it to warm

The Greatest Thing About Drawing (Conclusion)

In the wee hours of the night, The Muse came calling. She looked like a mermaid, scales shimmering in the moonlight. I followed her lead, an earth type seeking relief from the unaccustomed heat in the chill waters of the sea.

The Greatest Thing About Drawing (cont.)

The oil change turned out to be a bust. I was only waiting for ten minutes and a German lady with a little black poodle wanted to talk about the woods fire that was happening right down the road. I conversed just to hear her accent, in between five fire

The Greatest Thing About Drawing

There are many good things about drawing, but right now the best thing is that it’s portable. I can take my sketch pad anywhere and get in a few lines here and a few lines there. Started this image for the next coloring book of horses at my sons’ music

My First Professional Review!

I’m flattered to have received such a wonderful review for Fancy Prancers by Mary Winters-Meyer at Coloring Books for Adults. She has other reviews, interviews, and ideas regarding coloring for adults – definitely worth a visit for coloring enthusiasts! http://adultcoloringbooks.com/2015/06/24/fancy-prancers-by-deanna-l-kraft/#more-637

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